Play, Learn, and Shine

School Readiness in Westview’s Preschool Program

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    The transition from preschool to kindergarten is a significant milestone in a child’s life. At our child care center, our role is to prepare our preschoolers for this exciting journey. In this blog, we will explore the magic of our preschool program and how it sets the stage for a successful start in school.

The Power of Play-Based Learning

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Play is a child’s natural language, and it’s through play that they learn best. Here’s what our play-based curriculum is the secret ingredient for school readiness:

  •  Active Engagement: Play-based learning keeps children engaged and eager to explore. It encourages them to ask questions, experiment, and discover answers on their own.

  •  Problem-Solving Skills: When children engage in imaginative play, they learn to think creativity and solve problems. These skills are invaluable when they encounter challenges in kindergarten.

  •  Social Skills: Playtime is also a time for social interaction. Preschoolers learn how to share, cooperate, and communicate effectively with their peers, making the transition to a classroom setting smoother.

  •  Language Development: Storytelling, pretend play, and discussions during playtime enhance language skills, helping children express themselves and understand others—a crucial aspect of kindergarten readiness.

Our Play-Based Curriculum in Action

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Here’s a glimpse into how our play-based curriculum prepares our preschoolers for kindergarten success.

  •  Literacy Adventures: Through storytelling, imaginative play, and exposure to a variety of books, children develop a love for stories and reading. We create an environment where the words come to life.

  •  Math in Play: Counting, sorting, and pattern recognition are seamlessly integrated into playful activities, making math an enjoyable part of their daily routine.

  •  Science Exploration: Our little scientists engage in hands-on experiments and nature exploration. They learn to ask questions, make observations, and draw conclusions—the foundation of scientific thinking.

  •  Artistic Expression: Creativity flows freely in our classrooms. Art projects not only unleash creativity but also fine-tune fine motor skills.

  •  Music and Movement: Rhythm and movement foster coordination and body awareness, setting the stage for success in physical education classes.

Teachers Who Nurture

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Our dedicated educators are the heart of our program. They guide, inspire, and nurture each child’s unique potential. They tailor activities to individual needs and provide a supportive environment where every child care flourish.

Parent Partnership

We believe that a strong partnership between our center and parents is key to a child’s success. We keep parents informed about their child’s daily activities and offer resources for continuing learning at home.

The Path to Kindergarten Success

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As your child embarks on their journey from preschool to kindergarten, our play-based learning ensures they step confidently onto that path. We are not just preparing them academically; we’re nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and social skills, so that they enter kindergarten ready to shine. We are excited to be a part of your child’s educational adventure. Here’s to their bright future!

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