Wrapping up February with a Healthy Smile!

      February is coming to a close, and here at Westview Child Care Center, we’ve been focusing on nutritional and oral health. As we round off Children’s Dental Health Month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Northeast CT Dental’s Dr. Mooney to our classrooms, bringing some fascinating insights and fun experiments for our little learners.

      In our PreK room, we had an engaging experiment involving soda and eggs. Yes, you read that right—eggs! The children were curious to see what soda does to an egg overnight and made their own predictions. As our educator demonstrated, soaking an egg in soda reveals just how corrosive sugary drinks can be to our teeth. It’s a visual reminder of why it’s essential to limit our consumption of sugary beverages for the sake of our oral health. But the learning didn’t stop there! The children eagerly observed as they brushed the stained egg with toothpaste, discovering how proper brushing can help protect our teeth from decay and erosion.

      In our 2-year-old classroom, Dr. Mooney observed the children’s flossing technique and emphasized the importance of cooperation with parents when it comes to our hygiene habits. Teaching young ones the value of allowing their parents to brush their teeth every morning and night sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Thank you, Northeast Connecticut Dental Associates!

      As we bid farewell to February, let’s carry forward the lessons learned. Whether it’s protecting our teeth from sugary drinks, mastering proper brushing technique, or encouraging positive dental habits, every small step contributes to a healthier, happier smile. Here’s to a future filled with bright, shining teeth and contagious smiles!

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